Need Help Viewing Our Web Site?

We have set our standards to support as many different browsers, platforms, and configurations as possible. This includes Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and up, Netscape Navigator, FireFox, and others. We support and test for compatibility with windows 2003, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 on Intel and Apple platforms. Of course some versions perform much better and have more features to make it easier to navigate and view our Web site. Review the following steps and determine if they might help correct or improve your ability to view our site.

1) Download the latest browser of your choice. The most recent versions of FireFox and Internet Explorer come pre-loaded and pre-configured to handle most of the dynamic websites being created today. If you take the time to download the latest versions now, you'll save time in the long-run over having to install numerous plug-ins and re-configuring the preferences.

2) Check out your browsers preferences. Make sure that both Java scripting and style-sheets are enabled.

3) Check your application preferences to ensure that you have the Quicktime and Real Audio plug-ins. Most websites use these application for multi-media files. You can download the latest Quicktime here, and the latest Real Audio Player here.

4) Some browsers have the ability to check the validity of the web sites coding. This feature is usually turned off. Review your preferences to see if the "Script Debugging" has been disabled. It may not be obvious what the error means but just forward it on to us and we can help determine the problem.

5) You may have a popup blocker that is preventing you from viewing certain pages. Some popup blockers do not accurately detect un-solicited pages and prevent access to pages or windows you select to view. You may have to disable it temporarily. Popup blockers are often a feature of internet browsers and anti-virus software. Test for PopUp Blocker.

6)Your Internet Browser and your Operating System determine the Compatibility of your PC to other software. Show Browser and Operating System Version.
You may want to screen print the information after showing it. Pressing the screen print key will save the information to your note pad. You can then "paste" it to an email or word document for sending to technical support.

7) If you're still having problems, feel free to contact us.


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