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If you are having a problem entering our Dealers Communicaions Site, first make sure you are entering your full 8 digit customer number into the USER I.D. field. If this is the first time you are signing on, you will have to enter your zip code into the PASSWORD field. If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forget Password?" link and we will E-Mail it to you.

If you entered the information correctly, it may be because we have changed the first page that the URL address goes to. If you are using a "favorites" entry to access the Dealer Communications Site and it was created by saving the first page instead of the URL, you would be attempting to access a page that doesn't exist anymore or the re-direct is not working properly. If this is the case you will have to change the "favorite's" URL address to be

There are two ways to do this. The first way is to delete the old favorite and then create a new favorite by clicking Here to add the new URL address to your list of Favorites.
The second way is to change the propertie's URL in your existing favorite. To change the address in your favorites, left click on "favorites" to show the list of all your favorites, right click on the icon for the "favorite" you made for our Dealers Communications Site, left click on "properties", left click on the "internet shortcut" tab (if it is not on top), and change the "target URL" to be (exactly with nothing added to the end). Left click on "Apply" and then left click on "OK". You should now be able to access the Ariens Dealers Communications Site through your "favorites". You will also be set if there are any future changes to our site.

If you are still having a problem - go to your home page and select the "tools" button (at top of screen), in the small box that appears - select "internet options or preferences", on the first screen there should be a temporary files section with a "delete" button, press the delete button to remove the old temporary files and pages. After the files are deleted, click on the address above and retry signing on.

The above instructions are for Internet Explorer 5.0+ but they are similar for other versions. In Netscape they may have different terminology, such as favorites are called bookmarks. Let us know if any of these steps don't work for you. You can E-Mail us by selecting the link below.

If you are experience problems other than signing on, you may have setup or browser problems. Click Here to get additional help.

URL = Universal Resource Link, WWW = World Wide Web, HTTP = Hyper Text Transmission Protocal, HTTPS = Hyper Text Transmission Protocal Secure
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